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*IMPORTANT NOTICE* – As of June 2015, The Sing Opera Now Affiliate Program is open only to whitelisted affiliates. We’ve had too many people use shady tactics to promote our program, which annoys people and gives us an undeserved bad reputation. You can still promote SON via Clickbank but I have to manually whitelist you. If you’d like to become an affiliate, please send an email to and tell me a bit about yourself and your plans for promotion. Any questionable promotion tactics will result in an immediate blacklisting of your affiliate account in our system. If you play by the book, you have nothing to worry about. 🙂


Hi, I’m Vic Dorfman. I’m the creator of Sing Opera Now and the owner/operator of this site. I want to thank you for your interest in helping to promote the Sing Opera Now course.

Why Should You Promote This Course?

This is a truly untapped niche, with hungry buyers who have high disposable incomes on average. They really want to learn how to sing opera and this is the ONLY course (as far as I know, and as of this writing) that’s specifically created by an opera singer to fill this unique need. If you’ve turned a TV in the past couple of years you’ll see that several “popera” stars have hit it BIG and are getting people interested in this vocal style once again.

Your Affiliate Link

To promote this product you must me a member of (it’s free to sign up). To get your affiliate link, simply replace “AFFILIATE” below with your Clickbank ID. Voila!




How Much Can You Earn?

This sales page converts well (see stats below), so what you earn depends on how well you build relationships with the people on your list and presell them before sending them to the sales page.

You make 75% commissions on this $37 product (with a backend offer being developed as we speak), which comes out to about $25 per sale. It’s the only opera singing course online, so it’s a no-brainer to promote.

Affiliate Tracking – IMPORTANT!

The first thing you should know is that YES I do have an opt-in form on the front page, BUT BUT BUT BUT every ‘hop’ from your affiliate link lands people on the sales page, NOT the home page with the opt-in! So you will be credited with every single sale, and there are absolutely NO issues with “stolen” cookies, uncredited sales or any of that other crap. You earn every commission you refer, period.

Clickbank tracks your cookie for 60 days, so if you send a lead over to the sales page and they decided to buy Sing Opera Now in a month, you still make the full commission.

Super Affiliates and JVs

I’m offering 90% commissions to super affiliates and JVs. If this applies to you, shoot me over a message at and tell me a bit about your referral process and we’ll work together to make sure we all profit (you, me and students of Sing Opera Now).


(Updated 11/25/12)

Homepage opt-in rate – 25.5% (A/B tested daily)

Sales page conversion rate – 12.12% (A/B tested daily)

Refunds rate since June 2011 – 0% (booyah!)

As you can see from the analytics above, this product converts well, has super low refunds and I’m perpetually A/B testing everything from the squeeze page to the sales page. So please consider promoting this quality product and of course, if you need access to Sing Opera Now to do a review, contact me.

Affiliate Resources


Video of Vic singing opera:


Video Lesson #1 – The Golden Rule of Opera Singing:


Video Lesson #2 – Vocal placement exercise (the “mask”):


Video Lesson #3 – Vocal arpeggios exercise (to improve range and singing intervals):


Video Lesson #4 – Singing exercise to sing in tune better:


Video Lesson #5 – Vocal “onset” exercise to improve tone:


Video Lesson #6 – Warm up exercise “sirens”:


Opt-In Video #1 – Vic speaking first and asking for opt-in, then demonstrating some singing:


Opt-In Video #2 – Vic singing first then asking for the opt-in:






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Shoot me an email at and let me know what’s on your mind. I promise to do my best to work with you, build a relationship, and help us both achieve our goals.