Have a beautiful opera aria on the tip of your tongue that you are just dying to sing yourself but you just can't seem to get it to sound right?

Well, then you're in luck because a...

"Professional Opera Singer & Vocal Coach Finally Exposes Insider Tips, Tricks, And Techniques On How You Can Develop The Bold, Beautiful, Operatic Voice You Want..."

Once you have this in your hands you'll begin producing an operatic sound with your voice immediately... 

From: Vic Dorfman
RE: Sing Opera Now


Dear Friend,

Nobody wants to wait years to connect the dots...

We all want to sing those beautiful, sweeping opera arias - and we want to sing them now.

Have you ever felt like you were banging your head against a brick wall when trying to figure out how to give your voice that brilliant classical tone?

Have you ever just stared at the wall in your practice room for hours on end, hoping for some kind of singing miracle?

Have you thought about just giving up because you simply can't seem to get your voice to do what seems so simple for others, no matter what you do, or how hard you try?

Well, before you throw in the towel on opera singing for good, please read on for just a moment.

I'm Vic. I'm a professional singer, choir director and voice teacher, and the students that I work with pay me good money to teach them on hourly basis what I'm about to reveal to you all in just one sitting.

Believe it or not, I was once EXACTLY where you are at...

In Fact...

There once was a time when I felt like pulling my hair out almost every day because I just couldn't get my voice to produce the clean, vibrato-filled sound that I wanted.

I just sat there in the practice room trying for hours on end, not getting a thing accomplished, and then wondering why nothing was happening.

The problems I faced were endless.

I would have trouble singing high notes without straining. I had problems staying on pitch. And I just couldn't get my vibrato to come out naturally and evenly.

Heck, I even had trouble knowing WHAT to practice.. and I'm telling you...this was just the tip of the iceberg.

Let's Get Something Out Of The Way Right Now

Whether you're a girly girl or a manly man, placing your trust in the hands of a teacher makes you vulnerable. You want to know that the person you're working with knows what he's doing!

Now, I'm not here to show off my singing skills. But I want you to feel that you're in good hands with my instruction. So click play below to see and hear for yourself that I not only teach classical singing, I actually do it myself!

"Vic gives excellent fundamentals in a very concise way."

Dr. Jon O. Carlson, Director -- Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra Chorus

The truth is... without proper guidance, you could try for YEARS and still not be able to figure out how to create that magical operatic singing tone.

Developing your skill to a consistent level where you can make that sound on command could take even longer.

In fact, it takes years for many aspiring opera singers to grow their voices to a point where they sound authentic.

But NOT for you, because...  

Singing Opera Has Never Been So Simple - Or So Incredibly Fast!

For a moment, just imagine you could fill your entire home with your sparkling, spinning operatic voice whenever you felt like it.

Almost as if by will you could take a breath, open your mouth and just sing... no tensions, mind blocks or anything to prevent you from singing beautifully when you want to and when the mood strikes...

Think about how easily you produce powerful emotion-laden vibrations with your voice that inspire awe in the people all around you.

Imagine effortlessly soaring with your favorite melodies and arias, and knowing exactly what to do and how you did it to repeat that addictive sound anytime...


"My voice has transformed since reading Sing Opera Now and working with the video lesson..."

"Hi Vic, I just wanted to say thank you for Sing Opera Now.

My voice has transformed since reading the eBook and working with the video lesson. I sound more operatic every day! Thanks again."

- Lindsay H., London


"I heard the change right away..."

"Just like to tell you that I'm getting all the e-mails and also down loaded the lesson and I'm impressed. Also like the additional bonus.

As soon as I applied your tip about the larynx, I heard the change right away.


- Roland Hopinaldo, Vancouver


"I almost drove myself crazy for the answers to the questions you have answered in minutes... "

"I was more than impressed with the material I have heard so far. I just wished I had found this material a year ago. I have almost drove myself crazy how opera singers make that tone.

You kept sending me e-mails until I made a decision that I should have made weeks ago. Please use this e-mail to tell others to make that decision sooner rather than later - from me.

- Erin Feist, Orlando, FL.


You Can Finally Learn The Fundamentals of Operatic Singing
With Complete Ease With "Sing Opera Now"...

What you are about to discover will turbo-charge your singing and get your voice sounding more operatic almost instantly..

And more importantly, you'll easily fill in ALL the blanks and begin producing a bright classical vocal tone with more ease than ever before.

Here's a tiny fraction of what you're about to discover in Sing Opera Now:

Find out how to 'turn on' your opera voice with just a few minor adjustments...-- no more guessing at how produce a great tone.

Discover the secrets of your natural resonators and how to 'place' sound so that your volume doubles naturally and your tone suddenly explodes with sonic color.

Uncover the secret of true Vibrato and how to produce it consistently and effortlessly throughout your entire vocal range. (Plus: an exercise to "kickstart" your vibrato)

 Discover the powerful mindsets that are essential to superior singing and that all great vocalists throughout the world know

 Learn the optimal posture that will allow you to easily produce musical sound without straining and creating uncomfortable muscle tensions in your body.

 Uncover the little-known breath support technique that allows you to easily sing even the longest musical phrases without running out of breath or popping a vein to try and squeeze the sound out!

 Eliminate breathiness and raspiness for good with this powerful onset exercises that teach you to properly 'connect' your vocal chords just like the pro opera singers do it.

 Learn how to find a competent vocal coach and quiz them to determine if they know what they're doing. Plus: where to begin your search and where to avoid searching at all costs.

 Blow any audition out of the water with my personal stash of time-tested, highly practical auditioning techniques.

 Learn the 4 cornerstone singing exercises I use in my vocal studio daily that have helped my students transform their once unimpressive vocal sound into a gorgeous, operatic timbre. Presented in an easy, follow-along format.

 Watch me demonstrate how to properly align your body from head to toe and how to stand correctly for classical singing.

 Discover how to spot and eliminate tension in the shoulders, back, neck and jaw that are preventing you from producing a natural sound and making singing an uncomfortable activity.

 Learn what my singing teacher calls The Best Kept Secret of Singing...-- the use of movement and gestures to express your song and diffuse tension.

 Learn to avoid engaging dangerous 'compensatory muscles' and train your entire body to support your singing voice with ease and naturalness.

  Learn visual and body-awareness techniques and metaphors that improve your singing by connecting your voice to the other senses of your body. I call this 'Full Sense Integration'.

 Steal my priceless "trumpet technique" that will add brightness, color and volume to any note you sing (hint: it has to do with your lips!)

 Get access to my #1 most reliable singing exercise that will rapidly improve your ability to stay on pitch and sing in tune.

 Discover the vocal exercise that will help you reach the highest (and lowest) notes in your voice with growing ease.

...and that is just a tiny fraction of what you'll find out in Sing Opera Now - and believe me, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Who Needs Theory - These Strategies Are Time Tested And Proven To Work...

Remember, these aren't just some made up theories or "tests" -- I give you examples and live demonstrations and break them down, guiding you through the necessary 'ingredients' that give you an operatic voice.

This lets you easily replicate the process every day on your own with complete clarity about what you're doing, why you're doing it, and how you're doing it.

Using this information, there is no doubt that you'll unleash the opera singer in you -- and once you do, the only problem you'll have is keeping your family and neighbors awake becase you won't want to stop singing!

Now, isn't that a good problem to have? I think we both know the answer to that ;-)

There simply isn't anything better than a singer who's in the opera world, getting paid to perform and teach singing, revealing his own strategies, step by step, and then guiding you through the process so YOU can do the same.

Don't just take my word for it - see for yourself what just a few of of my many satisfied students from all over the world, with all levels of experience have to say about Sing Opera Now...

"I did not expect that you would continually send these email tips..."

Hi Vic,

I purchased your Sing Opera Now lesson and it's great.

I have it loaded on my iPad and I turn it on when I'm driving and follow along. I can get as loud as I want in my car and I have really began to hear how much more powerful my voice is becoming. Well worth what I paid.

Secondly, I really appreciate the classical singing tips emails. Each one is concise and yet very helpful. I did not expect that you would continually send these email tips.

All I can say is thank you very much and keep them coming. I may be from "across the pond" but like music, your tips are truly universal.

Thanks again.

- Sam Isenberg, Germany



"I can't stop watching the lesson. It's improving the way my voice sounds every time I go through it!!"

"Hey Vic, I've just downloaded the Sing Opera Now video lesson and ebook, and I can't stop watching the lesson.

It's improving the way my voice sounds every time I go through it!! I hope you come out with another course soon".
- Shayne Abraham, Perth Australia


"There's so much here! Thank you so much..."

"Vic, this is really good information. I'm completely new to opera singing (well, I've only 'hummed' a tune here and there!) so I really listened and soaked up the info.

There's so much here! Even though the lesson is 30 minutes long, the information is very dense and will give me something to work on for a while. Thank you so much."

- Charlene Rzeznik, Switzerland


"Thank you for helping me 'get out of the box..."  

"Thanks for all this great information!

I have sung for my parents and girlfriend with what I consider the best singing of my life. They thought so too!

Thank you for helping me 'get out of the box"   :- )

- John Lafayette, San Francisco, California


"I don't know if you'll get this but your tips are really helping me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

- Jess Liang, Hong Kong


"So glad I came upon your web page!.."  

"Hi Vic,

I have really enjoyed your vocal training tips. I recently started taking singing lessons and getting back into music seriously. My goal is to someday sing in a real opera.

I think your simple and fundamental approach is really digestible, how you broke it down, and analyzed it.

So glad I came upon your web page!"  

- Eileen Chao, Jupiter, Florida


"What's A Resource Like This Worth?..."

"I'll gladly buy this thing once a week for the rest of my life if you'd like :-)"


I've probably spent close to 1000 dollars on singing lessons, singing books, AND choir dues that, combined, didn't offer a 100th of the practical 'how to' advice that you managed to condense into such a short lesson and manual.

Extremely educational and a joy to listen to and learn from you.

It's nice to finally come across something that delivers as much as it promises in its ad-copy.

I'll gladly buy this thing once a week for the rest of my life if you'd like :-)

Thank you. For everything. What you did, your gesture from before, really, truly and deeply, means a lot to me. more than you're likely to think it does.

And as corny as it sounds, it's something I will never forget.

My Best and Most Sincere wishes to you..."

 - Pastor Dave Littleman, Kentucky USA


Most established singers would not give up their precious time and take hours of their day to spill their guts about how they achieve a beautiful vocal tone.

Why? Because this is incredibly valuable insider information, which many singers would not impart to you without charging an arm and a leg. Not to mention, most great singers aren't even aware of HOW they do what they do, so they couldn't show YOU how to do it, even if you asked them!

Sing Opera Now is packed with opera singing tricks, tips and methods that you can can start using TODAY, all in a 30 minute, professionally recorded HD video lesson and accompanying eBook, so you can put it on your iPod, iPad, or even burn to DVD, and watch it on your TV...

Even if a professional opera singer did agree to coach you through this, at only $100 an hour, all of the info contained within Sing Opera Now would cost you a hefty $500

But, I'm not in this to get wealthy. I'm in this to help you become the fantastic operatic singer that you have inside you, for a modest compensation -- about the cost of a 40 minute private lesson with me.

So, I'm not going to ask $500 of you - In fact, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that I'm not even going to go anywhere NEAR that.

By taking action and committing to your singing success today, you can get all of this... everything mentioned above for the low, one time investment of only...

$127...no - $117...$97. Yes, that's right... If you order Sing Opera Now today, you will be guaranteed the incredibly low one time introductory price of just $97. That includes the bonuses!

You can take advantage of ALL of this for only $97. But you are advised to grab your copy right away.


"When I actually heard you singing a song, well that's worth the price of this resource alone..."

"When I actually heard you singing a song, well that's worth the price of this resource alone. That really inspired me and got me going. Plus I'm able to watch you and steal your technique hehe. Thanks again."

- Sean Lee, Australia


"It's amazing how much more you take in when actually listening to someone go through singing methods.."

"It's amazing how much more you take in when actually listening to someone go through singing methods.

I for one hate endless theory, so your lesson was just heaven because it's all practical.

I learned way more than I thought".

- Sandra Davis, Scotland


I used to have difficulties in singing high notes with any power, but since I got the opera singing tips from you, my vocal skills have improved..."

"Hello Vic,

What more can I say than these few words of appreciation. I am very grateful for the lesson.

I use to have difficulties in singing high notes with any power, but since I got the opera singing tips from you, my vocal skills have improved.

I can now hit high notes that I never could before, and have a nice vibrato to them, too. Thanks a million "

- Alan Perry, Hawaii, USA


You'll never know how much you are helping me and a lot of opera lovers. Please keep in touch with me..."

"Hi Vic,

I can write many words to you, but I think the simplest one is my best: Thank you a lot for your tips about opera singing.

You'll never know how much you are helping me and a lot of opera lovers. Please keep in touch with me.

- Ignacio Menendez, El Paso, Texas, USA


-- ONLY Guaranteed For A Limited Time..."

When you make the smart decision to grab your own copy of Sing Opera Now, you'll also receive this Thank You gift, valued at $27.

Your bonus includes...

Free Bonus #1
(Value $27)

Sing Opera Now Companion Report

The Sing Opera Now report is a powerful companion to the video lesson. While the video lesson contains everything you need to know to begin creating an operatic singing sound right away, the best way to really absorb this information is by using a two-pronged approach.

Studies have shown that while most people are visual learners, using 2 or more learning methods (in this case -- the video lesson and the companion report) can triple the amount of information you retain. And that means your singing will sound better, faster.

You don't need to read dozens of thick books on the topic of opera singing. This concise yet powerful report covers every opera singing fundamental you need to know to get started.


  • 2 techniques for instantly stabilizing your voice box, leading to an immediately more operatic sound...

  • A crucial breathing technique that supports your melody line, even when you're singing a long phrase...

  • How to project your voice using your natural 'vocal boombox' without any strain whatsoever...

  • How to 'kickstart' your vibrato, even if you've never experienced true vibrato before

Free Bonus #2
(Value $17)

"Insider's Audition Guide: Blow Any Audition Out Of The Water"

With your new-found singing skills, you may soon come to the stage where you want to sing in a choir, your local church or even audition for a music school or theatre role.

You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars in audition coaching, you can simply learn first-hand from a pro who's gone through dozens of nerve-racking auditions!


  • How to prepare your music for maximum chances of success...

  • How to work with an accompanist so you two sound like you've been performing together for years...

  • The #1 most crucical skill you'll need to breeze through auditions...

  • Techniques used by myself and other pros to mentally and emotionally prepare to nail your audition and keep anxiety under control...

Free Bonus #3
(Value $35)

Unlimited 1-on-1 Email Mentorship

Sometimes you just need a real teacher to hold your hand and help you get over the initial hump we all face when learning how to sing opera.

That's why I'm giving you access to my personal email. You'll be able to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns you have, and I will personally respond thoughtfully and thoroughly to any issue you'd like me to address. I charge $70/hr for private lessons but you get unlimited email coaching from me at zero cost.

The difference that makes the difference...

  • Psychological research demonstrates that the #1 reason people fail at new undertakings is lack of support & mentorship...

  • Have a friend and mentor to guide you around obstacles in your singing, even if you're halfway across the world...

  • Email me anytime, day or night, and I'll respond within 3 days (to allow for time zone differences and schedule)...

  • In other words, you have a real, live human being here to help develop your passion, just as I've helped dozens of private students exactly like yourself. AND of course...

    You'll get a lifetime of updates for free. This means that any singing special newsletter or interview I do with ANY high profiled singer, or any other valuable content I put out - you will get FREE ... for as long as you like.

    Make no mistake - this is easily worth several times the investment of the entire package, alone.


Grabbing this now means you could be singing more operatically later today...

But - I wouldn't dare release a product without standing behind it 100%.

That's why, even though I know this course can have you rocking out your favorite arias in mere hours, I won't let you have it without removing any and all risk...


"Here's My No Nonsense - 100% Iron Clad, Peace Of Mind Guarantee..."

I want you to feel totally satisfied so here is my 'risk free test drive' guarantee... 

You simply cannot lose. If you don't feel that Sing Opera Now was worth every penny, simply email me for a full and prompt refund, and keep the entire product for free.

The risk is completely on me.

You have a full 60 days (yes, that's a full two months) to test drive the methods and techniques to completely transform your voice and singing and unleash the opera star in you.

There will be no more trying to 'connect the dots' or guessing what to do next when singing a song.

Operatic vocal technique will be de-mystified and the process will become crystal clear for you, no matter what your weakness is - singing in tune, singing high notes, running out of breath, tension, getting a great tone, posture, auditions.
It's all here, waiting for YOU.

Now I can't decide how much these resources are worth to you. Only you can decide that. If you total it up, you'll see the individual components of this course add up to $126. But today you'll get everything for just $97. That amounts to a measly $3.13 a day over the course of a month...about the cost of a frappucino at Starbucks!

And again, remember, if you are not totally satisfied you will get a 100% refund, plus you get to keep the eBook and bonus... - all for just trying it out.


"This Is A Limited Time Offer..."

Acting today puts the Sing Opera Now course in your hands for only $97, which is a limited time offer.

You have NO RISK whatsoever with this instantly downloadable Resource ...thanks to my 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee...

So, what will be different for you if you do nothing right now?

I think that answer is clear - you'll still be struggling to get your voice to sound the way you want it to, while hundreds of my students all over the globe are unleashing their operatic voices.

Stop struggling and start singing more beautifully - today - with Sing Opera Now- you'll be glad you did!

*Your order is securely processed through the Clickbank.com payment gateway and your credit card statement will read CLKBANK*COM in reference to this purchase.



To Your Opera Singing Success,

Vic Dorfman

PS: Please know that I can't keep this amazing resource at such a low price forever. At $97 it's a complete 'steal, especially with a lifetime of free updates. Act now while it is still available.

PPS: There's no risk and no downside. With my 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have a full 60 days to test drive these powerful methods. If for any reason you don't think the program lives up to it's billing, return it for a full refund, and keep the course, and the $17 bonus as my gift for just giving it a try.



*Please note that this is a fully digital information product. There is nothing to ship. You will gain access to all files on the thank you page once you complete payment.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo Required by The United States Gumint... FTC Legal Disclaimer: Results may vary, and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. All testimonials are real, and all the folks who wrote in transformed their voices through using Sing Opera Now. However, these results are meant as a showcase of what the best, most motivated students have done and should not be taken as average or typical results. In addition, you assume certain risks inherent in performing any physical activity, which singing most definitely is. Sing Opera Now involves standing, manipulation of breathing and other manipulations of the body and musculature. You should not begin the program if you are severely obese, or if you have a physical condition that makes physical activity dangerous.

I, Vic Dorfman, offer a 100% money-back guarantee -- you can return the program for any reason if you are not satisfied with the results. However, I cannot guarantee your results with Sing Opera Now. It is possible that you will not improve your singing voice, sound more operatic, or pass your audition or role tryout. It is also possible that you will damage your voice. Please be smart and use common sense when applying the methods in SON and you'll be fine. :-)

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