Newsletter 2 – How to have a truly powerful voice…without yelling

Many singers resort to yelling but you do not have to yell to sing with a powerful, resonant voice.

It’s not about how “big” you are size-wise either, despite the stereotype of the big fat opera singer.

In fact, take a listen to this skinny, little Italian guy who has one of the most powerful voices I’ve ever heard. Check it out…

>> Small Guy, Huge Voice <<

The reason Giacomini can produce such a huge, rich sound is because his technique is so good.

Specifically, he keeps the larynx down at all times and the sound in the mask.

Now, he does a lot of other things correct as well, but these are the biggies.

Anybody can learn to sing resonantly and warmly like Giacomini and other opera singers by learning the proper technique.

If you’d like to learn all of these essentials (without extra, unnecessary “stuff”) and begin developing your operatic voice, the Sing Opera Now lesson is the place to start! Click below to learn more..

>>  Sing Opera Now Lesson <<

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