Singing Sounds TERRIBLE Without This

If there’s one thing that separates mediocre singers from singers that turn people’s heads, it’s musicianship.

Musicianship includes having a good ear, melodic memory, sight reading ability, rhythm, communicating with other musicians and much more. Learn more…

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I know what you’re thinking…yeah, yeah musicianship is great but I’m a SINGER, not a violin player!

But you see, some of the best singers I know have struggled just to get gigs, teaching positions and other paying music jobs because they were poor musicians.

Even if you’re more of a hobbyist and not really interested in taking things beyond that, your singing will improve by leaps and bounds if you invest a little time and effort into developing your general musicianship.

Not only that, but your appreciation of singing and music in general will transform.

When I was studying music in college, we had to do a TON of sight-singing and ear training. And I hated every freakin’ minute of it.

Most of my fellow students started music young, and at least knew a little piano. I started playing rock guitar when I was 13 and had about 10 lessons in my whole life.

So needless to say, I hardly knew any music theory. After practicing more than I care to recall, I eventually got to the point where I could look at a piece of sheet music and ‘hear’ approximately how it would sound in my head.

And I started noticing all these little nuances in music I listened that I never noticed before.

Now I know what you might be thinking because it’s something that a lot of singers believe at first…

It’s the belief that if you study music on a logical, academic level, that it somehow KILLS the ‘heart’ of it. As a young rock musician, I had the same fear.

And after many years of study and practice, I can look you in the eye and tell you that it’s a totally unfounded fear. If you have HEART and SOUL in your singing, no amount of studying will take that away from you.

If anything, you’ll learn the techniques that will allow you to EXPRESS yourself more uniquely, more communicatively and more powerfully.

Of course, like most things these days, there exists music software that teaches you musicianship from the comfort of home.

I’ve spent a lot of time sorting through music software programs, dvds and audio courses, and I’ve found Singorama to be one of the best, most comprehensive musicianship courses online for a reasonable price. You can check it out by clicking the link below.

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